It is important that we take special precautions, while walking and running, in order to avoid a rolled ankle. The name rolled ankle suggests the twisting of the ankle tissues and ligaments, to painful experiences. The cure for this type of an issue depends on the extent of pain. A rolled ankle may result in a small sprain or a big fracture.

Certain sets of procedures need to be followed, in case you accustom an ankle injury, which is likely to be a rolled ankle.

Rolled AnkleStep 1 – Rest

The first step is to rest the individual on a suitable platform and calm him down. There might be lots of things going on in the mind of the person, who is suffering from the Rolled Ankle injury. Clearing the crowd and providing the person a comfortable zone, where he can rest peacefully is important. There needs to be good ventilation so that the individual who is injured has free breathing space.

Step 2 – Apply ice  

The second crucial step is to apply ice. The ice should be directly applied to the area, where the pain is being felt by the individual. It is important to keep the ice near the ankle for sufficient time, in order to prevent any sort of swelling, fracture and sprain. Ice will reduce the pain and giving a soothing effect.

Step 3 – Evaluate the pain

The next step is to evaluate the pain being experienced near the Rolled Ankle. If the pain is very low and the person can walk, there is no need to worry with such an injury. It might be a small sprain. But, if the pain still sustains with a larger effect, such situations cannot be neglected. Doctor has to be consulted in case of consistent pain.

Step 4 – Consult a doctor

It is important to consult a doctor once. The rolled ankle injuries may be severe and may result in fractures or replacements. Thus, it is extremely important for an individual to consult a doctor at this stage. The doctor is the best person, who can evaluate the injury and treat it. The doctor would give oral medicines and injections to reduce the pain.

Step 5 – Safeguard

After the injury is cured, it is important to safeguard the ankle from further injuries. Proper care and precaution needs to be taken to ensure the injuries are not repeated. Repeated injuries in similar areas of the ankle can cause severe pain and injuries. For a few days it is necessary to reduce the movement of the part so as to give it some rest. After few days normal activities can be continued.